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May 07, 2018 3 min read



Making a wedding appendix can be quite expensive, however, before signing any contracts you should ask your vendors to clearly state all the little details of what you are signing. The fine print that covers issues like wedding cleanup, overtime and delivery is not something that they will always be up-front about, so it is your job to pry that information out of them prior to the event. This’ll help you avoid the shocks that come later when they charge you for the unexpected fees that bump youraverage wedding cost up through the roof. To make sure that you willsave on your wedding, follow these tips.



When you first approach a post station for their services, they don't openly advertise their prices and the cost of shipping. This could make it difficult to know exactly how much they’ll charge you for your bounty of wedding invitations (and with that many invitations, the cost could really add up!). So, in order to avoid the heavy fees that could catch you off-guard, try to avoid multi-layered cards and fancy box invitations. The thickness of these types of invitations adds to their shipping price and could lead to a larger-than-anticipated postage cost.



    The cost of a wedding band may or may not includes the fees that come with equipment/gear rental. Renting the musicians’ gear can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, and that’s not even considering the baseline fee to pay the band itself. Now to ensure you only rent the gear and equipment that is entirely necessary, it’s advised that you speak to the wedding band or DJ in the weeks prior to tell them the layout of your space before you sign any contracts or make any verbal agreements.



      The majority of stores will not perform any alteration or steaming of your wedding dress for free, and they often will be sneaky about it and omit these fees from the price of the wedding dress. And these fees can be high. For example, on a woman’s wedding dress, rebuilding the bodice will cost you a pretty penny – sometimes up to $500. To avoid the unexpected costs of alteration to your wedding attire or her wedding dress, be sure to ask in advance about the costs of these additional services.



        When you book your wedding photographer, band, and videographer, you are signing them to agreement for a certain amount of time. When this time is exceeded, don't anticipate that the extra time will be for free – most likely, it won't be. Once the agreed time is exceeded, they begin to charge for the extra time by the hour. Be very mindful of the verbal agreements or signed contract that you have with them prior to your wedding so that both parties know the exact structure of the deal that you made. Be as clear as possible when negotiating with them about overtime fees, and be sure to book the photographer for as long as you can – this is the one person that you do not want to surrender early because of contractual issues.



          If you decide to use the cake or liquor provided by your reception site, you should know that there are usually extra charges included in the cost of the item. This is due to the extra work that goes with their workers slicing and dishing the cake for you, because it also means that they’ll be washing the dishes, too. The only way to avoid the extra fees is by communicating with your reception site beforehand.



          If you are going for a rent-only contract with a service venue then you should bear in mind that you will be charged for garbage removal and clean up. In addition to that, there is a chance of extra fees if your party goes later into the night than was planned. Again, and not to beat a dead horse, but youmust read than contract carefully prior to the event so that you can see all the charges that may come with your rental.



          No wedding will be entirely cheap or affordable, for that might impact the overall enjoyment of the experience. However, after seeing our advice, it is entirely possible to have aninexpensive wedding by simply cutting down on the hidden fees and costs. If your wedding budget isn’t as high as you first imagined, don’t fret – plan appropriately, and be aware of the how the hidden costs stack up. Knowing these things beforehand, you’ll be able to spend less time worrying about your bank account and more time enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime experience.



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