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June 20, 2018 4 min read


In a bid to look very presentable on your big day, it is important to do more than consider the best tuxedo or suit for your wedding. It might be said that men don't have as many "dos and don’ts" as women do. However, it is important for you to pay attention to these tips in order to ensure you don't only shine that day as a married man, or a man in a nice tuxedo, but that you’re shine in every regard – from your hair all the way down to your skin. We’ve briefly assembled the most important takeaways and pieces to remember in the weeks prior (and in the dressing room, just minutes prior) to your big day.


Let’s be honest – your hair is going to make or break your wedding day appearance. As your bride walks down the aisle looking her best, she’ll expect to see you at your very best, too. While your tuxedo will bolster your confidence, your hair will do the talking. Properly styled hair will boost your overall appearance and will impress your bride and all of your guests.

As you make consideration of what cut and style to add to your hair, it’ll be best if you make those changes days or weeks in advance. Make sure you give yourself ample to give that new look a true trial run. Is it comfortable? Is it staying styled? The only way to be sure is to be prepared.

It’s also a great idea to discuss your hair decision with your partner – their advice is a valuable, and they’ll know what suits you best. Remember that you’re trying to be at your best while she takes the spotlight as the most gorgeous person in the room. Your job is simply to be the perfect complement to her – don’t let your hair get in the way of that.


While minor details such as your fingernails may not be the first thing that you think of, you should know that you will definitely do a lot of waving, hand shaking, and picture taking. And, of course, you will be handing over your hand to your partner before the priest. The last thing that you would want is to take away any of the focus from the shining ring because of rough cuticles or dirt under your nails. Seriously. It may seem like a minor issue, but when it’s as easy as a quick manicure, you have no excuses.

Now, there are shops that offer many different manicure services, but you should probably go for the big package. At most locations, it’ll be called something similar to the “executive hand grooming” package for men. With any major treatment that is tailored for men, they’ll offer nail shaping and buffing, cuticle cleanup, a mineral soak, hand massage, Turkish salt exfoliation and a paraffin, usually with a price tag of no more than $100.


As you likely learned in elementary school, your skin is your body’s largest organ. In fact, there’s roughly 22 square feet of it all around you! Just like your hair and your nails, people will notice a radiance about you and they will notice the little blemishes, all the way from your face down to the tips of your fingers. And skincare doesn’t begin the night before, so it’s very important you take your skincare actions seriously and begin well in advance. It’s recommended that you begin a dedicated skincare routine three to four weeks before the big day; this is to ensure that any breakout or bumps you may have on your skin has enough time to smoothen out.

If you don't have a skincare routine, or you are looking for pointers, here are what you should do to ensure your skin is at its healthiest, looking picture-perfect on your wedding day:

  1. Exfoliate: You should purchase a good cleanser which will help you exfoliate and remove any impurities on your skin, help tighten your pores, and clear those nasty razor bumps and irritations.
  2. Hydrate: You should always hydrate each time you cleanse and shave. This will help promote the softness of your skin.
  3. Oil Control: You should also purchase a Fix Oil Control product that contains silica for absorbing the oil in your skin. This will soften up the appearance of your skin, giving you a more matte look, which is fantastic for the hundreds of photos and videos that will be taken of you during your wedding. Don’t let that small patch of oily skin on your forehead be the beaming light that draws all the attention.


Beyond all else, the one piece that you must get right is what to wear to your wedding. What kind of wedding attire will you look best in? This is something you’ll have to consider well in advance. The best way to go about this part of the wedding preparation is to speak to a wedding attire specialist. When it comes to the wedding suits, wedding shoes, and even that ever-so-important wedding tie, the specialist in your nearby retail clothing store should have plenty of advice. Remember that as the groom, you’ll likely want to steer clear of vibrant jarring colors, especially when it comes to your wedding tie and wedding shoes. It would be a mistake to have the most eye-catching part of your outfit be at your feet, or even at your lower chest. Nobody has any issues with a tasteful, mildly colored tie, but remember not to go too crazy – this is your wedding day, not 10th grade prom night. You’re hiring a professional photographer to document a memorable night, and the last thing you’ll want to recount 30 years later is how goofy your neon-colored shoes and tie look. If you feel that you have to wear something so colorful that it is eye-catching, then you need to re-read this article and remember to take care of your body first.

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