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Hi there. We’re Summit Rings, and we hope that you enjoy exploring the rings that we’ve created. 

At our conception, we considered all the features that we looked for while shopping for a band – and we improved them. Tungsten carbide, known for its toughness and durability, was an under-appreciated material that we sought out. However, our pursuit of a high-quality tungsten ring was stunted by the lofty price tags.

More and more research led to the realization that an excellent ring could be crafted at a lower price without making sacrifices in strength and the finer details. We care about creating a ring that embodies the adventurer in all of us. And we’ve done just that.

Summit rings are scratch-resistant, durable, and comfortable – for a very reasonable price. And if for some reason you aren’t as impressed as we are, you can remain confident in your purchase knowing that it will always be covered by our free returns and our signature Summit Lifetime Guarantee. No regrets here. We promise.

Undaunted, durable, and ready for life. Reach your summit today.